Electric Skateboard DIY – Build vs Buy

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Build your own board or buy a pre-built one?  This is NOT a simple answer.   The question should be:  Why do you want to build your own board?  If the only reason is cost, then we recommend you to go buy a pre-built board.   Yes, the good quality boards are expensive and yes, the low-budget boards are made … Read More

Belt Drive vs Hub Drive?

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In 2015, this was a no-brainer, since all electric skateboards used belt drive motors.  In 2016, hub motors began to be introduced and many of the newer boards are using hub motors today.  For example, the first generation of our best all-around board, Enertion Raptor 2, used a dual belt drive motor and today it uses dual hub motors.  Just … Read More

Convert Your Board With An Electric Skateboard Kit

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So you’re looking to get into electric skateboarding or longboarding, but just don’t have the time, the technical skills, or the stomach  to build one on your own (see our recent post on Build vs. Buy? Or you just don’t like the fact that many esk8’s are priced at $1000 and higher?  Well there’s a solution to that!​ Some companies out there … Read More