4 Wheel Drives: A Comparison Review – Carvon, Jed, Acton, Walnutt

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Welcome to the web’s first comparison review of the current esk8 industry’s 4-wheel drive skateboards by the staff at ElectricBoarder.com. The growing esk8 market has brought much innovation to the next generation of electric skateboards.   2018 marks the year where a number of manufacturers are selling 4 wheel drive boards.  Last year, Carvon, Jed, Acton, and Walnutt announced their new … Read More

Boosted Board Mini, Plus, Stealth Review – King of the Belt-Drives?

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Boosted Board Review Next Generation Line of Electric Skateboards

Welcome to the Boosted Board review (preview) of the next generation electric skateboards  (Mini S, Mini X, Plus, Stealth) by the staff at ElectricBoarder.com Since we began reviewing skateboards over 3 years ago, Boosted Boards has always been rated among the top 5 boards.  Their boards have great quality, top-notch customer service, but their specs (range and top speed) were always … Read More

Jed Board All Wheel Drive (AWD) Review

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Jed Electric Skateboard AWD

Welcome to the ElectricBoarder review of the Jed Board AWD! We are beginning to consider the compilation of the “best of the best” skateboards for the year 2019.   Which board can beat out our 2018 winner, the Enertion Raptor 2?   We believe that the top contender for next year’s top spot is the Jed Board All Wheel Drive.  Note … Read More

Evolve Bamboo One Review

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Evolve Bamboo One Review

The board for the people?If you’re looking for a no-nonsense board to introduce you to the world of e-boarding, we highly advise you check out the Evolve Bamboo ONE board. Evolve is quite a prominent brand, with many top-notch boards being their making. Take, for example, the Bamboo GT and the Carbon GTX series, and everything will be clear to … Read More

The LOU Board: A Lightweight Swiss Army Knife?

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One of the hottest new electric boards on the market is the Lou Board. She, yeah they call her ‘she’, was conceptualized just last year(2016), and already it’s gained quite a following. It was created by SoFlow, a company based in Switzerland and it was Kickstarted with great success. In case you haven’t gotten around to look into it, let … Read More

Acton Blink S2 Review

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The Mid Class King?Welcome the the ElectricBoarder review of the Acton Blink S2! The Blink S2’s first appearance was during Acton’s 2016 Indiegogo campaign where they managed to rake in 1.425 Million USD. The biggest and most successful e-skate Indiegogo campaign to date.  The reason for their success was because they were offering boards with very decent specs at a lower-than-market price … Read More