Meepo AWD GT Review

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Meepo’s founder, Kieran Mao, begin prototyping his first electric skateboard in April, 2017.  Since then, they have sold over 12,000 boards.  Although the boards are made in China, Meepo has grown impressively due to their ability to keep cost low while providing excellent customer support (which most Chinese manufacturers lack). They now sport a product line of 6 different models … Read More

Backfire Ranger X1 Review

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Welcome the the ElectricBoarder review of the Backfire X1 Ranger! 2018 may be the year of the all-wheel drive electric skateboards, but it also a year in which the Chinese manufacturers are making significant inroads into the esk8 market.  Meepo, Wowgo, and Winboard have rolled out products that are helping to grow the esk8 market.   These manufacturers have combined to … Read More

4 Wheel Drives: A Comparison Review – Carvon, Jed, Acton, Walnutt

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Welcome to the web’s first comparison review of the current esk8 industry’s 4-wheel drive skateboards by the staff at The growing esk8 market has brought much innovation to the next generation of electric skateboards.   2018 marks the year where a number of manufacturers are selling 4 wheel drive boards.  Last year, Carvon, Jed, Acton, and Walnutt announced their new … Read More

Boosted Board Mini, Plus, Stealth Review – King of the Belt-Drives?

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Boosted Board Review Next Generation Line of Electric Skateboards

Welcome to the Boosted Board review (preview) of the next generation electric skateboards  (Mini S, Mini X, Plus, Stealth) by the staff at Since we began reviewing skateboards over 3 years ago, Boosted Boards has always been rated among the top 5 boards.  Their boards have great quality, top-notch customer service, but their specs (range and top speed) were always … Read More

Belt Drive vs Hub Drive?

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In 2015, this was a no-brainer, since all electric skateboards used belt drive motors.  In 2016, hub motors began to be introduced and many of the newer boards are using hub motors today.  For example, the first generation of our best all-around board, Enertion Raptor 2, used a dual belt drive motor and today it uses dual hub motors.  Just … Read More