Electric Skateboard Timeline – Updates, News, Historical Perspective

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Electric Skateboard Timeline and News

July, 2018Backfire announces Backfire Ranger X1, the first all-terrain board at under $1000 USD.  Backfire also raises $331K USD on Indiegogo for its board, greatly exceeding the target of $50K USD.

June 1, 2018 – Announcement of Enertion Raptor 2.1.   Current 500 lots of Raptor 2.0 available for shipping.  Raptor 2.1 availability planned for August 2018.  Jed Board deliveries pushed back now into October, 2018.

April 17, 2018Boosted Board announces new product line (Boosted S - $749 USD, Boosted X - $999 USD, Boosted Mini - $1399 USD , and Boosted Stealth - $1599 USD).     Depending on the board, shipping is anticipated to range from 5 to 12 weeks.

March, 2018 – Mike Maloney (based in Denver, CO) of Kota Longboard raises $22K USD, exceeding the target of 15K USD on kickstarter.  This company started building skateboards in Mr. Maloney's garage in 2012. 

February, 2018Ionboard (based in La Jolla, San Diego, USA) raises $57K USD, exceeding the target of $10K USD on kickstarter.

ionboard X Electric Skateboard

image from ionboardtech.com

December 22, 2017Enskate (based in Alhambra, USA) raises $70K USD on Indiegogo for its Fiboard.  Advertised as the most advanced full carbon fiber electronic skateboard with the first digital dashboard, a swappable battery, and 3 custom ride modes.

Enskate Fiboard Electric Skateboard

Image from enskate.com

December 9, 2017Stark Mobility (based in Berlin, Germany) raises $204K USD on Indiegogo for its Starkboard, a board controlled entirely be weight and motion sesnsors.

Starkboard Electric Skateboard

Image from starkmobility.com

December 1, 2017 - Jerry Tong (based in Richmond, CA, USA) raises $348K USD on Indiegogo for its Backfire G2, advertised as the best electric longboard under $500 USD.

Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard

Image from Indiegogo.com

November 16, 2017Inboard Technology (based in Santa Clara, CA, USA) closes its latest funding round of $8M USD using VC (Venture Capital) funds.  Total raised to date is $11.7M USD.  That probably includes the $750K USD loan on Shark Tank on December, 2016

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

Image from Inboardtechnology.com

October 10, 2017 – Eric Birkemeier (based in San Diego, CA, USA) raises $196K USD on Indiegogo, for its Riptide line of electric skateboards.

Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard

Image from rideriptide.com

October 2017Slick Revolution (based in West Yorkshire, UK) raises £ 42K (GBP) on Indiegogo and £39K (GBP) (exceeding the target of £10K) on kickstarter, for its Flex-Eboard electric skateboard

Flex-Eboard Electric Skateboard

Image from slickrevolution.co.uk

September 15, 2017Huger Tech (based in Orange County, CA, USA) raises $220K USD on Indiegogo for its Huger electric skateboard line.

Huger Electric Skateboards

Image from hugertech.com

September 9,2017 – Ben Liu (based in Shenzhen, China) raises $61K USD on Indiegogo for its Max C electric skateboard.  Advertised as the most portable electric skatebard, weighing 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg).

Max C Electric Skateboard

Image from maxfindboards.com

September 7, 2017Kuickwheel (based in San Franciso, CA, USA) raises $223K USD on Indiegogo and $158K USD on kickstarter.com (exceeding target of $30K USD) for its Serpent line (SERPENT-C, SERPENT-W).

Kuickwheel Serpent Electric Skateboards

Image from kuickwheel.co

July, 2017 – KREATIVIS GmbH (based in Berlin, Germany) raises $14K USD in Indiegogo and €169K in kickstarter (exceeding target of €50K) for its Longrunner skateboard, advertised as the cheapest, long range electric skateboard.

Longrunner Electric Skateboard

Image from longrunner.net

July 8, 2017Walnutt (based in New York, USA) raises $674K USD on Indiegogo for it Spectra electric skateboard line.

Walnutt Spectra Pro Electric Skateboard

Image from walnutt.com

June 23, 2017Juiced Boards (based in Red Deer, Canada) raises $250K USD on Indiegogo for its line of electric skateboards.

Juiced Electric Skateboard

Image from juicedboards.com

May, 2017 Arc Board Team (based in Singapore, Singapore) raises $91K SGD, exceeding the target of $30K SGD on kickstarter.

Arc Aileron Electric Skateboard

Image from arcboardsev.com

May, 2017 – So Flow (based in Zurich, Switzerland) raises $320K CHF (Swiss Francs), exceeding the target of $80K CHF on kickstarter, for its line of LOU Electric skateboards.

Lou Electric Skateboard

Image from louboard.com

April, 2017Ivoryboards (based in Brisbane, Australia) raises $70K AUD, exceeding the target of $50K AUD on kickstarter.

Ivory Electric Skateboards

Image from ivoryboards.com

April, 2017Carvon (based in Los Angeles, CA, USA) raises $72K USD, (exceeding the target of $49K USD) on kickstarter followed by $39K USD on Indiegogo in February 2018.

Carvon Electric Skateboard

Image from carvonskates.com

December, 2016Buffalo Technology (based in Los Angeles, CA, USA) raises $57K USD, exceeding the target of $50K USD on kickstarter.

Buffalo Electric Skateboard

Image from bualo.com

December, 2016Acton (based in Santa Clara, CA, USA) raises $1.4M USD on Indiegogo for its Blink line of electric skateboards.

Action Blink S2 Electric Skateboard

Image from actonglobal.com

December 11, 2016Linky Innovation (based in Milano, Italy) raises $262K USD on Indiegogo for its Linky longboard, advertised as the foldable electric longboard.

Linky Electric Skateboard

Image from linkyinnovation.com

November, 2016Enertion (based in Adelaide, Australia) raises $115K AUD, exceeding the target of $50K AUD on kickstarter.

Enertion Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard

image from enertionboards.com

November 15, 2016 – Leafboard (based in Walnut, CA, USA) raises $338K on Indiegogo and $239K, exceeding the $50K target on kickstarter.

Leafboard Electric Skateboard

image from indiegogo.com

October 16, 2016 – Quentin Sartorius (based in Lille, France) raises $87K on Indiegogo for its ELWING, a lightweight electric skateboard.

Elwing Electric Skateboard

Image from elwingboards.com

September 15, 2016Unlimited Engineering (based in Barcelona, Spain) raises $462K on Indiegogo for its Eon Powertrain (product converts any skateboard into an electric skateboard).

Eon PowerTrain Electric Skateboards

Image from rideunlimited.co

August 17, 2016Uitto Boards (based in Helsinki, Finland) raises $34K USD on Indiegogo and $22K (exceeding the $20K USD target) on kickstarter for its Uitto electric skateboard, advertised as durable, waterproof, and 100% recyclable.

Uitto Electric Skateboards

Image from Indiegogo.com

June 15, 2016Movpak (based in Los Angeles, CA) raises $263K USD on Indiegogo for its electric skateboard which fits into a backpack

October 12, 2015 – California lifts ban on electric skateboards.

Movpak Electric Skateboard

Image from movpak.com

June 2015Mellow Boards (based in Hamburg, Germany) raises €309K (Euro), exceeding the target of €100K (Euro) on kickstarter.

Mellow Drive Electric Skateboard

Image from mellowboards.com 

June 2015 – Aaron Aders (based in Brooklyn, New York, USA) raises $66K USD on Indiegogo for its LEIF eSnowboard, an electric skateboard which rides like a snowboard on concrete.

Leif eSnowboard electric skateboard

Image from leiftech.com

February 11, 2015 Zboard raises $908K for their Z Board 2 (second generation) on Indiegogo.

Z Board 2 Electric Skateboard

Image from zboardshop.com

July, 2014Marbel (based in Tampa, FL) raises $365K USD, exceeding the target of $90K USD on kickstarter.

Marbel 2.0 Electric Skateboard

Image from marbelboards.com

November, 2012Boosted Board (based in Palo Alto, CA) raises $467K USD, exceeding the target of $100K USD on kickstarter.

Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

Image from boostedboards.com

July 2012Evolve (based in Gold Coast, Australia) delivers its first production run of electric skateboards.  Now it has 12 distributors covering over 30 countries.

Image from evolveskateboards.com

April, 2012Zboard (based in Los Angeles, CA) raises $278K USD, well exceeding the target of $10K USD on kickstarter.

Zboard Electric Skateboard

Image from zboardshop.com

2004Metroboard develops its first prototype and sells its first electric skateboard in 2007.

Metroboard 41" Electric Skateboard

Image from metro-board.com

2002Trampa Boards (based in Nottingham, UK) was founded.   They are widely recognized as the best manufacturer of ruggedized longboards today.   Many DIY esk8ers buy their boards and convert them to electric using either Trampa's motor parts or third-party vendors.

Trampa Longboard

image from trampaboards.com

1997 – Development of the first electric skateboard.  It was developed by another California resident, Louie Finkle, who is widely recognized as the originator of the electric skateboard.  Around the same time, the state of California issues a ban on motorized skateboards.

1993Sector 9 (based in San Diego, CA, USA), probably the first company to mass produce longboards, was founded. 

Summer, 1975 – Development of the first motorized skateboard, the Motoboard.  It was produced by a student, Jim Rugroden, at the University of California at Berkeley, while he was on break between classes.  The Motoboard was powered by twin gasoline engines and the most recent model is still available for purchase today.  

Motoboard Gas Powered Skateboard

Image from motoboard.com

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