Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition Review

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The new spring of 2015 came with a brand new Metroboard Slim Stealth Edition Electric Longboard , with all the glory of a new shiny black deck and battery box. The design has been completely transformed from the ground up and is a unique solution for fun and stylish transportation. With custom bearings and up-gradable battery packs, this Metroboard Slim is designed for every type of rider.

Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition

Performance 7.6
Design 8.0
Quality 7.8
Value 7.0
Service 8.8


  • Powerful Motor
  • Nice Design
  • 40 miles optional range

Looking at its specifications the board is in the performance range of the Evolve and Boosted Boards, let’s see how this Metroboard Slim Stealth stacks up against the rest.

metroboard slim stealth


By the look of this Metroboard Slim Stealth, you can see the incredible black finish on this 41” deck (2 inches smaller than the Evolve Carbon). It gives the board an elite look without being too flashy. Metroboard also gives you the possibility to customize the colors to your liking, a nice feature.


The 2016 version has been upgraded with a more concave deck for better carving and a smaller kick-tail for easier kick-turns. This together with the Caliber II 10”50° Reverse Kingpin Truck makes for a very surfy ride. The board comes with built-in front and rear lighting cleverly designed within translucent risers. A very nice feature adding to the safety of the rider.

The overall weight is 15.4 lbs with a 10-mile battery pack, and the weight goes up to 22.8 lbs with a 40-mile battery pack. Yes, you read that correctly. 40 miles of range… That is a lot. Compare that to the Evolve GT and this Metroboard outperforms it. Like every other Metroboard item, this also has a highly powerful lithium battery that comes in three different sets –15-mile, 20-mile and 40-mile battery pack. According to what you will need from the board you can chose a different battery, not for free of course.

metroboard stealth motorWith modern electric skateboards, it is all about power and this stunning Metroboard has a lot of that. With a 3000 watts single brushless outrunner motor, this Metroboard Slim can reach a top speed of up to 20 mph, making it certainly not the fastest board out there but it is still pretty fast.

Redesigned Ergonomic Custom Remote

ThWireless-IR-Remotee remote controller of this great Metroboard Stealth is a wireless remote that is ergonomically designed and is immune from any RF interference. The remote gives you the ability to ring a bell to inform bystanders of your passing. A nice feature adding again to the safety of the rider and those around them.


Choosing between skill levels is also done with the newly designed controller. Check out the Metroboard section on how to operate the controller for further details.

Other Features

The wheel size is available in two choices: 83 mm or 97 mm. You can pick the best one you like – larger wheels are for driving over rougher areas.


It is available for $1,149 at the cheapest. Go take a look at the Official Metroboard webshop.


This is an awesome board for an awesome price. It’s ‘Made In the USA’ so the quality should be great. If you are looking for a board that has great specs and a good quality-price ratio you can’t go wrong with the Metro board slim Stealth edition!

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    Just purchased a metroboard stealth ,with my s-health app from samsung the boards top speed is 16.7 mph
    Emailed manufacture,he said i can purchase a higher drive gear to thereticly go I did and I’m waiting for it to arrive.

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      I own 2 Metroboard slims and love them, I went for the 40 mile range slim and the light 10 miler. The 40 mile slim using a phone GPS app which measures across the ground speed comes out to be 21 MPH using the stock gear. The 10 miler (smallest battery) tops out at 18 MPH. Going tor the higher top speed gear typically buys you 1-2 MPH.

      One thing MetroBoard has going is the support he gives, very fast and quick response. Have to like that, many companies don’t get that at all.

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