Boosted Board Travel Bag

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Boosted Board Travel Case

Traveling with your electric skateboard can be a hassle. It’s big and bulky and doesn’t really fit in any conventional bag.
Especially when taking the electric skateboard with you on an airplane, you really want it to be protected and easy to carry around.

Check out the Electric Skateboard travel cases from Tuffy Cases

Tuffy Cases has got your back on this one. They manufacture custom built travel cases for the Boosted Board and the Yuneec E-Go.
They make the bags so that your electric skateboard fits like a glove.


/* carrying electric skateboards on planes is allowed for batteries up to 99W-hour batteries. Boosted Boards knows this, that’s why their battery capacity on their base model is this low*/

Tuffy Cases also makes travel bags for the Yuneec E-Go, if you need a specialized bag for your electric skateboard Tuffy is the way to go!
People really like their products because of the quality! Go check them out yourself.

Click here to go to their shop.


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