Boosted Board Mini, Plus, Stealth Review – King of the Belt-Drives?

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Boosted Board Review Next Generation Line of Electric Skateboards

Welcome to the Boosted Board review (preview) of the next generation electric skateboards  (Mini S, Mini X, Plus, Stealth) by the staff at Since we began reviewing skateboards over 3 years ago, Boosted Boards has always been rated among the top 5 boards.  Their boards have great quality, top-notch customer service, but their specs (range and top speed) were always … Read More

Boosted Board Travel Bag

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Boosted Board Travel Case

Traveling with your electric skateboard can be a hassle. It’s big and bulky and doesn’t really fit in any conventional bag. Especially when taking the electric skateboard with you on an airplane, you really want it to be protected and easy to carry around. Check out the Electric Skateboard travel cases from Tuffy Cases Tuffy Cases has got your back … Read More

It’s here: the 2nd Generation Boosted Boards

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Boosted has finally unveiled there second generation electric skateboards. There are no radical changes made, and why would they? Never change a winning team. Boosted listened to their customer (fan) base and upgraded where needed. Three new boards have emerged, still under the same names. The Single, the Dual and the Dual +. Let’s take a closer look at the … Read More