It’s here: the 2nd Generation Boosted Boards

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Boosted has finally unveiled there second generation electric skateboards.
There are no radical changes made, and why would they? Never change a winning team. Boosted listened to their customer (fan) base and upgraded where needed.
Three new boards have emerged, still under the same names. The Single, the Dual and the Dual +.
Let’s take a closer look at the upgraded Boosted Boards!

2nd generation Boosted Board

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What has changed

If I would need to sum up the second generation it would be with these words:

  • Optionally better range (+100$)
  • User replaceable batteries (GREAT feature)
  • Improved water resistance
  • New connectivity options ( Accessory port,  Apple Watch App, Ios  & Android App)
  • Larger Orangotang Kegel wheels
  • Custom Boosted Trucks, optimized for carving and electric skateboarding
  • Improved drive train
  • International certification!

Design wise not much has changed. The new boards still feature the same loaded bamboo deck.

Improved Range

The Boosted board is well know for having a rather short range. I bet many fans out there expected a huge improvement on this field. Well they may have let some down…

Board Standard Battery Extended Battery
Single 8 Miles 14 Miles
Dual 7 Miles 12 Miles
Dual + 7 Miles 12 Miles

A smart move from Boosted is leaving the option open to buy standard batteries. For people taking their board with them on airplane travel, it is the only possibility as higher Watt-hours batteries simply are not allowed.
The Dual+ has a 12 miles top range. One may ask itself if that is enough for their highest spec longboard. The new Evolve Carbon GT will have a range of 31 miles on a single charge, significantly more…  On the other hand, the batteries are now replaceable, which means that if you would have two charged batteries you can prolong your ride with 12 miles, making the total range 24 miles. We will have to see how much an extra battery will cost to determine if it can compete with the new Evolve board.

BoardsOther performance specs

The other performance specs haven’t changed much.

Board Speed Power Hill climbing Capability
Single 18 mph 1000 W 10% grade
Dual 20 mph  1500 W 20% grade
Dual+ 22 mph 2000 W 25% grade

This charts doesn’t show any big  performance upgrades (like with the Evolve Carbon GT). That also wasn’t the at the core of this second generation update. They didn’t want to sacrifice quality for a 100 miles range, they just want to make their already great product better. Hats of to them!

Now the wait is until July 2016, when the first boards get shipped, to have a first hands-on review!


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  1. Your website is awesome! I was researching electric boards and found yours. Really great stuff on here. I don’t specialize in skateboards or electric boards, but I did a bunch of research on Boosted Boards line because I wanted them to send me one to review. 🙂

    IMO you probably have the best website going for electric board info. Will definitely be back.

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