The Fiik Big Daddy Review: Zombie Apocalypse Approved

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FiiK Big Daddy Electric Skateboard

If you want to be able to skateboard every terrain humanly possible, then we got something in store for you…
The Fiik Big Daddy is a monster of an electric skateboard, designed to withstand the test of time it is THE off-road master.
Big Daddy is made by the American company FiiK Skateboards, this board is truly built on the American standards: Bigger is better, No compromises!

FiiK Big Daddy

Performance 7.2
Design 7.1
Quality 6.4
Value 6.0
Service 5.0


  • Best in class: off-road
  • Insane top-Speed for a board that big
  • Good range
  • LED lights in the front and in the back!
  • Regenerative Breaking, ABS


  • Weight
  • Ugly remote
  • Bulky Batery

Design of the FiiK Big Daddy

FiiK Big Daddy Electric Skateboard

Before we go into detail on we always take a look at the design of the board.

To be honest, the board isn’t very sexy. It has a sort of penny-board shape, massively long trucks and big off-road wheels.
Aerodynamic isn’t a word in Big Daddy’s textbook, with the battery sticking out underneath, the huge wheels and trucks aren’t pretty sleek either but that’s not what the board was made for.

The thing is that that doesn’t really matter. When you buy the Big Daddy, it’s not to look cool with your hipster friends, you’re definitely not going from coffee shop to coffee shop with it(although you could).

The Big Daddy Screams out power, it wants to show you what it has in store.

Ride in the dark!

An awesome feature that FiiK included here are the lights that come already installed on the board.

In the front the board has a white LED light and in the back a red braking light. The remote control also comes with a white LED light but more on that later.

Not a lot of companies install lights on their boards, this is definitely a big plus.

Fiik big daddy

Here you can see the round red breaking light

big daddy front light

And the front light! (image from RCSparks Studio)







Well.. He’s called the Big Big Daddy for something right ?

If you’re looking for a lightweight electric skateboard you should stop reading; the Big Daddy really is a big daddy.

It weighs 50.7 lbs or 23 kg’s, that is a lot. Most of the weight is due to the humongous battery that the board is carrying under its belly.

But all that weight has its benefits, it makes for a much more stable off-road ride!


You might think that a board this size is not going to handle smoothly, well think again.

Take a look at how these guys goe crazy with the board !


Big but fast!

The Big Daddy is seriously speedy for its size, on smooth flat surfaces it can reach speeds of more than 20mph which is as fast as a Boosted board!

The board can be adjusted into three settings:

  1. slow
  2. intermediate
  3. fast

When starting out FiiK recommends to start at slow, once you get the hang of it you can up the speed setting and really enjoy all that power.


The big daddy can get you places!

You might think that due to the size and weight of the board it runs out of juice in no time, but that’s quite to the contrary!

It’s not the best in the range category but this board will get you where you need; depending on which terrain you ride it the range can amount to 10 – 15 miles (16-24km). (this is with the lithium battery, see beneath)

And that’s far, it scores even better than the Boosted board… But that’s because it has a waaaaay bigger battery.

Speaking of batteries…

Battery Performance

There are 2 options here;

  • A sealed lead acid battery
  • A Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery

The lithium battery is the more expensive option (600$ more expensive) and if you’re on a budget, that is a lot of money.

Why you should go for a lithium battery:

  • way longer life cycle
  • weighs less in order to have same results
  • smaller
  • faster recharging

In the end it will be worth the investment!

Recharge time

The battery takes 20 seconds to replace and 4-5 hours to charge (lithium)


A big 800W motor that packs a lot of punch to get this big board up to speed!

Breaking and Safety

With the Big Daddy you’re being looked after, the board has an ABS system that locks the wheels ,in a smart, way when breaking suddenly.

Regenerative breaking is something the board has to offer as well which is a big plus.

Remote Control

Something I don’t like about the Big Daddy is the remote control.

It works perfectly , that’s not the problem. It’s just ugly. I mean come on, we’re 2016 give the remote a more modern, sleek design…

Other than that its very good!

It even has a LED light on it for riding in the dark, and that I like very much.
Imagine a situation in which you have to go to the store at night, you can do it perfectly safe with you Big Daddy!


The FiiK Big Daddy is the board if you want to take electric skateboarding off-road. It can handle any terrain.

Its big and bulky but that doesn’t affect speed and range and that’s why I love the Big Daddy!

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