Evolve Bamboo GT: Classic Feel With GT Power

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Evolve Bamboo GT review

Evolve never ceases to amaze its customers with their top-level electric skateboards. They are always on top of their game, delivering high-quality products day in and day out. I mean, just take a look at their flagship, the Evolve Carbon GT electric skateboard – this thing is fast, light, durable, and boasts an incredible range.

The board is made to look all slick and stealthy with its carbon and Kevlar design. However, some of us are a little more traditional; kevlar and carbon fibers are all well and good, but you can’t argue the feeling you get when you step on a wooden board.

There is simply something magical in the way the wood bends under your feet and how it adjusts to your stance. Luckily for us, Evolve is a people pleaser, and it has answered our prayers. Dig in!

Evolve Bamboo GT Street

Performance 7.6
Design 8.0
Quality 7.7
Value 6.4
Service 8.2


  • Good looking
  • Stupidly Fast
  • Everlasting Battery
  • Good Quality
  • 25 % Hill Incline


  • Price
  • Weight

Evolve Bamboo GT Specifications

As always a quick overview of the most important specs:

Street All Terrain
Speed 26 mph / 42 km/h  22 mph / 22 km/h
Range 19 miles / 35 km  9 miles / 15 km
Weight 17 lbs/7,9 kg 21 lbs / 9,5 kg
Hill Incline 25 %  25 %

Evolve Bamboo GT Board Design

Picture from evolveskateboards.com

Picture from evolveskateboards.com

Enter Evolve Bamboo GT series. For those more traditional minded, but who still want a superb board for whatever use they can think of, Evolve Bamboo GT series has just about all the things you need.

The bamboo make of these boards is enough to invoke all the reminiscence of your childhood days at a single touch and glance. The wood is very soft and mellow, and it breaks in beautifully, really giving you the soft and sure footing you want. It is as if the wood wraps around your feet, and you really feel secure on the board.

The skate features a drop down type board, with a slight concave shape, which further increases the stability of the rider, even at the highest speeds.

The board comes in two versions, an All Terrain and a Street version. Just like its bigger brother the Carbon GT you can choose to have them both. They trucks and wheels are easily swappable.

st_top_front_2048x2048 at_back_wheels_close_up_2048x2048 at_top_front_close_up_2048x2048 st_back_2048x2048
images from evolveskateboards.com

Evolve Bamboo Speed and Speed Modes

And speaking of speed, the Bamboo GT is one of the fastest electric boards on the market. In fact, the board is just as fast as the Carbon GT. The board has been clocked at 26 mph (42 km/h) as its maximum speed in the GT mode. Which is just crazy.. Always wear a helmet folks!

The board is a little on the heavy side, though, weighing a little less than 17 lbs (8 kg), although you will spend more time on the board, than it on you. That said it might not be your preferred

The board features 4 modes that allow you to change the speed and accommodate the board to your riding style and overall skill.

  • Slow mode: which is best suited for beginner boarders, as the acceleration of the board is much slower, allowing you to exert maximum control over the skate, and ensure you don’t endanger yourself while riding.
  • The Eco mode allows you to squeeze a little bit more speed out of the board, but it also focuses on preserving the battery as much as possible, thus increasing the board’s overall range.
  • For speed demons there is the Fast mode that allows you to hit the maximum speed every time you climb on, increasing the board’s acceleration substantially.
  • Finally, you have the GT mode that unlocks the inner beast of the skate, allowing you not only to hit the board’s terminal velocity, but the board becomes so powerful it can take you up a 25-degree incline without a hitch.

Motor, Trucks, Bearings and Handling

All of this is enabled by the board’s superb motors and bearings. Just like its brother, the Evolve Bamboo GT features twin 3000W brushless motors. These motors feature custom-made sensors that monitor your movements at all times and relay them to the board with superb precision.

As for the board’s stellar handling, you have the trucks and bearings to thank. The trucks are the exclusive Black GT Super Carve trucks, 306 mm wide, one of the best in the business, enabling the board to be outstandingly nimble and maneuverable, providing the rider with great turning radius.

The ABEC 9 Evolve Speedball precision bearings are also the ones to contribute greatly to the board’s speed and responsiveness.

The wheels, depending on the exact model of the board (street or all-terrain) are the Black Evolve GT 83mm 76A or Orangatang 80mm Kegels, Abec 11 flywheels (83mm, 90mm, and 97mm), all of which fit the street version, while the all-terrain fits the Evolve 7” All Terrain wheels.

evolve gt controllerTo further increase the control over the board, the manufacturer built in the ABS braking system with incredible response time, which might save you a lot of trouble if you’re zooming through traffic or charging down a hill.

All of this is controlled via the remote that features a fine LCD screen upon which you can select different speed modes, check the battery, speed and other vital pieces of information.

Evolve Bamboo GT Battery and Range

Finally, we need to mention the range. Thanks to the incredible battery powering the skateboard, the Evolve Bamboo GT boards, on a single charge, they can easily cover a distance of 35 km, 15 km less than the Carbon GT. Of course, battery drainage also directly correlates to the overall load on the board, and the 35 km rating is for an 85 kg rider.

Also, the incline and the terrain may affect battery drainage. The battery takes 3.5 hours to charge up, but you can buy the fast charger and reduce the time to 80 minutes.

Evolve Bamboo GT Price

Prices differ from country to country. Take a look on their website to check the price for yours.
These are the US prices:

Street 1,449 $
All Terrain 1,489 $
2 in 1 1,649 $

Bamboo GT vs Boosted Board 2nd Gen vs Carbon GT


Bamboo GT

Speed 26 mph / 42 km/h 22 mph  26.7 mph
Range 19 miles / 35 km 7-12 miles  31 miles
Weight 17 lbs/7,9 kg 14.7-15.5 lbs  17.4 lbs
Hill Incline 25 % 25 %  25 %

As you can see the Evolve line is in fierce competition with Boosted. On speed and range the two boards are even better.

Final Word

Overall, you can see that this is a top-notch product. The board features powerful motors, and moves at high speeds, which you can adjust as well. The skate has a 19 miles / 35 km range, so you don’t have to worry about the board dying on you half way to your workplace.

In fact, with this board, you’ll more likely run out of road than you’ll run out of battery. Combined with an old-school feel, this board is the perfect means of transport and entertainment for anyone who can afford it.

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