Evolve Bamboo GT: Classic Feel With GT Power

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Evolve Bamboo GT review

Evolve never ceases to amaze its customers with their top-level electric skateboards. They are always on top of their game, delivering high-quality products day in and day out. I mean, just take a look at their flagship, the Evolve Carbon GT electric skateboard – this thing is fast, light, durable, and boasts an incredible range. The board is made to … Read More

Evolve Bamboo 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

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evolve bamboo

Evolve is currently selling 3 boards; the new Carbon GT, the older Carbon series and the Bamboo series. The first two are more going towards lightweight, stealth and high-end whilst the bamboo series is all about that true longboard feel and carving your way through the streets. The main difference subsequently lies in the materials used(and price), let’s take a … Read More

Evolve Carbon Series 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard Review

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Evolve has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by manufacturing a wide range of high-quality electric longboards. At the moment, the company sells their products in over 30 different countries in the world. The Evolve Carbon Street electric longboard can be considered as one of the most popular electric skateboards manufactured by this company. This skateboard is paired with excellent … Read More

Evolve Carbon Gt Review: The best electric skateboard yet?

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Evolve skateboards have been putting out quality electric skateboards since 2012. Their Carbon and Bamboo series have many raving fans but it isn’t stopping here for the company. Mid May 2016 Evolve released the Carbon GT into the world. The industry was stunned with the performances Evolve said this board could achieve and some people even had their doubts about it. … Read More