Evolve Bamboo 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

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evolve bamboo

Performance 6.8
Design 7.4
Quality 7.2
Value 7.1
Service 8.5

Evolve is currently selling 3 boards; the new Carbon GT, the older Carbon series and the Bamboo series. The first two are more going towards lightweight, stealth and high-end whilst the bamboo series is all about that true longboard feel and carving your way through the streets. The main difference subsequently lies in the materials used(and price), let’s take a look at the Evolve Bamboo street and All Terrain!

The looks & materials

evolve bamboo

The Evolve Bamboo is a stunning board, less carbon (don’t get us wrong we do like our carbon) more of the real deal. The board features a 38″ long drop thru deck for ultimate control (gives you a lower profile, lower to the ground = more control). The deck is made out of 7 layers of Canadian Maple and 2 layers of bamboo giving it just the perfect amount of flex needed for awesome carving whilst keeping control at every speed.

The trucks are Evolve’s own double jointed Super Carve trucks offering a great carve, they are adjustable to fit your riding needs and capabilities.


On the street version you can chose from orange Loaded Orangutang Kegel 80mm 80a (as shown on the picture above) or Green ABEC 11 Flywheels 83mm 75a.

bamboo all terrainThe Evolve Bamboo AT version comes with 8-Inch Professional Mountain Board Wheels.

Evolve Bamboo Specifications

Board Bamboo AT Bamboo Street
Weight 10kg/22lbs 8kg/17lbs
Range 15 kms/ 9 miles 30 kms/ 19 miles
Top Speed 35km/hr, 22mph  38km/hr, 24mph

You lose some of the nice specs when putting on those bigger wheels but it stays impressive. With an impressive top speed of 24 mph on the street version it is one of the faster electric skateboards out there. Take a look at our comparison table to find the fastest.

You also get a good amount of range on both set-ups with 9 miles being still better than the first generation boosted dual + and 19 miles totally outcompeting most of the boards on the market.

Motor: You lose some

The Evolve Bamboo features the same 350w motor as the carbon series.

The board sports one rear 350 W brushless high performance motor which can go up to 750W maximum output. In comparison with the Boosted Dual+ (2000 W) you might think that this board is pretty weak but it is not. It doesn’t accelerate as fast and doesn’t climb hills as good as the boosted dual+, but the top speed lies just a little bit higher at 24 mph compared to 22 mph. It just takes some more time to get there.  The reason behind the one motor setup is better battery range and less noise.

Battery: You win some

evolve bamboo battery

Lightweight and a low output single motor, those are the recipes for some good range. The 36 Volt 7Ah Lithium Polymer battery can keep you going for 19 miles (30 km) on the street version and 9 miles (15 km) on the AT version.

A recharge will take approximately 3,5 hours. You can opt for an additional fast charger cutting the charging time in half.
The carbon series features ABS regenerative braking which allows the battery to recharge when braking or going down hill.


evolve remote control

The Evolve Remote Control

The controller has a modern look and is ergonomically designed. It shows the battery level and let’s you switch between speed modes. Users say that the remote is not optimal, that the trigger function is not as good as with the Boosted board remote. The breaking is not as intuitive as could be.

Evolve Bamboo Price

Looking to buy an Evolve Bamboo ? You have some different options depending on what you want or need.

Board Price (USD)
Street 989 $
All Terrain 1.139 $
2 in 1 1.339 $

The boards are for sale at www.evolveskateboards.com


The Bamboo series is just an all-round winner. You get a marvelous wooden deck, with great specification outperforming most of the existing competition and this all at an amazing price point of only 989$ for the street version. If you are looking to get into electric skateboarding but don’t want to spend 2000$ this is the board to get!

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