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yuneec ego 2


Yuneec has been the go-to brand for people looking for a cheap but good alternative to get into electric skateboarding.  If you haven’t heard about Yuneec they are a Chinese engineering company manufacturing Drones, Electric Skateboards etc… In the electric skateboarding world they are known for their E-Go Cruiser board. A good board coming in at one of the cheapest prices out there. Look at our review of the Yuneec E-go cruiser here. Their previous board is loved amongst many because of the low price point, good range and good customer support. Many riders however quickly turn to a Boosted Board or Evolve because the Yuneec lacks speed and becomes boring rather quickly.

The Yuneec E-GO 2 is no different. All around an awesome board to get started with the hobby, with decent specs and a good price-point!

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into this beauty…

Yuneec E-Go 2

Performance 5.6
Design 4.8
Quality 5.6
Value 9.1
Service 1.0


  • Lightweight
  • Good Range
  • Price


  • Slow

Yuneec E-Go 2 Specifications

Range 18 miles/ 30 km
Speed 12,5 mph/ 20kmh
Hill Incline 10%
Weight 15 pounds/ 6.8 kg

So as we can see the speed hasn’t been improved upon. A shame because that could make this board a real winner.

It seems that the range hasn’t been changed as well. Neither has the motor performance, the hill incline is still stuck at 10%.

The weight of the board has increased slightly in comparison to the original Yuneec E-Go, from 14 pounds to 15 pounds.

/*if you like comparing the specification of the different boards check out our home made electric skateboard comparison tool*/

So performance wise they did not change too much. Quality wise I hope they did then. In their product video they claim improved trucks for a smoother carve but that’s also where it stops.

The New Yuneec E-go 2 design

Specification wise the board has not changed much from its predecessor but design wise it has. A lot. Yuneec is coming out with 5 new color variations.

yuneec e-go 2 royal wave

Royal Wave

yuneec e-go 2 hot pink

Hot Pink

yuneec e-go 2 mint green

Deep Mint

Two other colors will be available: Lemon Punch and Space Purple.

The shape of the E-go has been changed as well, from a downhill shape to a more cruiser type of longboard. The board shows more concaveness and a kick-tail for better handling.

These new color variations are nice, but it’s a shame they didn’t up the specs.
If they keep their prices as with the Ego 1, I have no doubt about it, it will sell like hot cakes!

Benefits of the Yuneec E-Go 2

This new Yuneec board has many positive sides:

  • It’s lightweight
  • It has an impressive range for its price point
  • It’s a perfect board to get into electric skateboarding without breaking the bank

Downsides of the Yuneec E-Go 2

  • From looking at user experiences quality can be an issue
  • Low top speed 12 mph ( this might be enough for you though!)

Final verdict on the Yuneec E-Go 2

The first version of the E-Go was in our eyes the perfect choice for people looking to get into electric skateboarding.
This upgraded version shares the same characteristics; low cost for decent quality.

Yuneec E-Go 2 Price

Looking to buy a Yuneec E-go 2?
Currently the product is being sold on Amazon. We however have not seen any in real life…
Have a look:

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