Will Acton Conquer The Electric Skateboard Market?

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The creators of the Blink Board are back! Set to conquer the electric skateboard market, they released a new line of boards that may even crown them electric skateboard king
The Blink Board was a fairly basic electric skateboard. You could really see that they were trying to cut costs and that was where their competitors had the advantage. For a few hundred dollars more you could buy yourself a way more qualitative Boosted board. This might not be the case anymore with their newest additions…

“Forget the last mile, ride all the miles”

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the company that is bringing electric skateboarding to the people. Today’s story is about the greatness a few dedicated people can achieve, a true story about a David entering the world of Goliaths.

Welcome to Acton, an independent manufacturer of electric skateboards. You might have heard of them before, but these three new products  will blow the competition away and leave them to eat their dust.

We’re talking about a company whose project has spurred one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns, resulting in over $450.000 collected in a month.

You could ask yourself why their campaign is so successful.. Well it’s quite easy:

  • In todays market the prices for these electric skateboards are very high
  • At the same time you have thousands of hungry people seeing these products online, doing research about them
  • But  they are not really able, or willing, to pay 1500+ Dollars

This creates the need for a good quality, low price range of electric skateboards. And it’s just that Acton is offering.

Also the fact that two of their boards are extremely portable is winning a lot of folks who have the need for a commuting board.

Low Price + High Quality (?) + Trusted Company + Lightweight Boards  = Epic Win?

But who are these Acton folks?

OK, let’s talk a bit about the people who brought us these wonderful boards.hero

Acton is a company of dreamers. They dream big and aim high, and they have the potential, the drive, and the know-how to bring about the future. And, indeed, they did. They are the first ones to have created a real commute eBoard with their Blink Board and Blink Board Lite, which have been described as the lightest and fastest, and the most convenient boards right after their inception. Today, these words can be repeated, as the new Blink series entries are truly the type of product that will blow you away.

From their base in Silicon Valley, Acton has set out to create the modern world. And so far, they are succeeding. They have thousands of satisfied customers to stand as the testimony of the team’s brilliance and dedication. They are a small company, but with big hearts and minds. They are men and women of the people, and they know what you as a consumer want, which is why their boards seem as they have been custom made for you.

But enough of the glorification, as you are certainly hungry for the new boards. So, we shan’t keep you waiting, but get right to the point.

Acton Blink Qu4tro eLongboard

Blink QuatroMeet the new flagship of the Blink series. This board is a true game-changer, a product of a visionary’s mind, a product of the new age. Among personal transport means, this longboard is a true giant, a product of pure genius. It has all the things you want in a transport platform of the future – in fact, it will surpass your imagination.

So, what’s so special about this board? Ummm… Everything? Power, stability, handling, speed, design, durability – the list goes on and on. There is no single aspect of this board that hasn’t been designed to wow the crowds. But let’s break it down.

  • Design

A carbon fiber deck and an aircraft aluminum frame combo? Delicious! The board is made from superb materials and thus has superb durability. The board is simply unbreakable, which goes a long way with the audience. The board carries a hefty price, so durability is crucial – you certainly don’t want to lose this prized bull.

Besides durability, the materials also allow the board to be as light as possible. The board weighs 17 pounds, which is rather acceptable for a board this high-tech. this also allows the board to develop even greater speeds. In addition, the board is incredibly strong, able to withstand a rider weight of up to 280 pounds without breaking and without slowing down one bit.

  • Drive

This board screams power. And the secret behind that power are the not one, not two, but four hub motors propelling the board. The hub motors are much more convenient and much stronger than conventional belt motors, allowing the board to go faster and pull harder. The hub motors are installed on the bearings themselves and are encased in the wheel they propel. This allows them to be safe from damage, and allows the board to have an all-wheel drive, and increases speed significantly. The board’s extremely fast and clocked at 23 mph.

But what makes the drive of this board so special is its ability to climb hills. Know about Lombard Street in San Francisco? For this skate, it may be as flat as a board (pun fully intended, sue us). Blink Qu4tro is able to conquer 30% inclines without breaking a sweat. And the best thing about the board, or, rather, about the motors that drive it, is the fact that the motors don’t hold the wheel back, and you can continue using the skate as a regular longboard, pushing yourself manually. On top of that, the board features the regenerative braking system that puts all that speed under control and makes it more stable and responsive.

  • Range

Outstanding. There is nothing more to say about the range, other than is simply amazing. The board has been rated to easily cover 22 miles on a single charge. The lithium battery within the board holds enough energy to get you wherever you want to go and back, and it only takes 3 hours to recharge. The battery is made with top-of-the-line Panasonic cells, which are very powerful, and are very long lasting, able to hold up to 80% capacity even after long years of use.

All in all, this is a stellar board, a true marvel of technology. It does cost quite a bit, but what price can you put on such excellence? And you can even buy it on a discount if you preorder one now on Indiegogo.

GET THE QUATRO NOW With an Electricboarder.com discount!!!

Acton Blink S2 Electric SkateboardBlink S2


As we had said, Acton guys are men and women of the people, and they understand that not all of us can afford such a machine as Blink Qu4tro. That’s why they created the Blink S2 – a true commuters device. This board offers an excellent value for the money, with its stellar performances. Indeed, for a commute to and from work, this board seems as if it has been tailored you and me.

  • blink S2Design

The design of this board is a bit more traditional one. The deck is built of the finest Canadian maple, set upon the same aircraft aluminum frame that the Blink Qu4tro has. But between it and the S2, there is a slight difference. The S2 has its battery sandwiched between the deck and frame. The deck has a hole in the middle, thus accommodating and protecting the battery. This also lightens the board and makes it lower, allowing for more speed to be generated. The lower center of gravity makes the board more maneuverable and make it perform better when cornering.

  • Drive

Just like the Blink Qu4tro, the S2 is also propelled by hub motors, although, this time, it’s two of them. Even so, the board is plenty fast, and the motors have enough power to move you up inclines and move a post-Christmas rider at a significant speed.

The board is clocked at 18 mph, which is still a significant speed to get you to work even if you’ve hit that snooze button one too many times. The motors are powerful enough to climb up a 20% incline, making rather steep hills a breeze for this board. On top of that, the board can withstand a 250-pound payload and still achieve top speed. And just like with Qu4tro, if you run out of juice, you can keep rolling as if you’re riding a standard board.

  • Range

The S2 may not have such outstanding range as the Qu4tro, but it still delivers on a good enough level. As it is designed for urban commuting, the board has a decent range of 14 miles on a single charge. This is pretty good, especially when you account for the charging time, which is set to about 1 and ½ hours, which gives you a great distance per charge. The battery is made of Samsung cells, which are, again, great quality.

  • Price

    The price for this board is currently 549$. THIS WILL GET HIGHER THE LONGER YOU WAIT. Check their page to see the current price!

In conclusion, this is a great board for a modern commuter. The board is sufficiently fast and has a sufficient range to get you wherever you want to go quickly. Also, its light weight (12 pounds) makes it very portable.

Get more info on their Indiegogo page

Acton Blink S: “Best bang for your buck”

Acton Blink S

And the youngest and smallest member of the Blink family is the Blink S. This board is very lightweight and especially portable, making it perfect for quick and short trips. The price tag on this product is also quite low, which makes it suited for students and generally people working on a budget. The skate has short range, but it is not supposed to have long range, as it is mostly made for moving quickly around campus, or other places of employment that are divided into separate facilities, placed a short distance from one another.

  • Design

Just like the S2, the Blink S features the same Canadian maple deck and aluminum frame. The battery is also placed inside the deck for the protection of components and for an effective lowering of the center of gravity, which increases handling and stability. The board is extremely compact, standing at 27.7’’ long, and weighs only 10 pounds, making it viable for carrying around when you’re not using it.

  • Drive

The Blink S is powered by a single hub engine. This allows the board to travel at solid 15 mph and climb 15% inclines. The motor isn’t overly powerful nor fast, but it will get you to where you want to go and at a decent pace. Even so, the motor can carry a relatively heavy load and still move at maximum speed – the board is rated to carry a 230-pound load.

Just like its siblings, the board can be used like a normal board if your battery runs out, making this board useful even if out of power.

  • Range

The board has a relatively small range of 7 miles. However, this will be quite enough to move around campus comfortably, and even go some distance around the town. The battery, however, charges very quickly, and you can replenish it within a mere 45 minutes. The battery is very good quality, the same as S2 – it is built with Samsung cells, ensuring it keeps running effectively even after 500 charging cycles.

All in all, this a great low-cost board. It suits the campus life perfectly, making it a great replacement for a bike or even a car.

On another note, it is important to say that all of the boards come with their own remote. This allows you to command the board on the fly, and change speed modes and the like. You can also download an app for your smartphone that will display important information, and use by which you’ll be able to control the board as if you were using the remote.

Get more info here

Final Word

And there you have it – the future is here.  Question is:  Can they maintain a high standard of quality and raise the level of customer service to be crowned the next king?


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