Acton Blink S Review

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Acton Blink S Review

When Acton came out with their latest Indiegogo campaign in Q4 of 2016 people were excited to say the least. Up until then, electric skateboards were either very expensive and hard to come by or lacked the quality needed to serve as a personal electric vehicle. 

There was no real middle road and with the new Acton Blink series that was about to change.

Today we take a deeper look at the Acton Blink S, the cheapest of the new blink series electric skateboard line. It is advertised as the perfect board for short commutes or trips around campus while still packing enough punch to cater to the adrenaline junkies.

Let's see what it is all about! 

Action Blink S

Performance 5.1
Design 5.2
Quality 5.4
Value 8.2
Service 2.0


  • Good Value - $399 USD
  • Its integrated LED lighting enhances your safety
  • One of the lightest electric skateboards on the market
  • Lightweight & Small form factor = Ideal last mile vehicle


  • Limited power due to only having 1 hub motor
  • Some riders feel the braking power is not sufficient
  • Can only be used for trips up to 7 miles (11.2 km)

The perfect last mile vehicle?!

Acton Blink S is advertised as a lightweight electrical skateboard with a powerful hub motor, and it requires little or no maintenance. Unlike the Blink Lite, its previous version, the Blink S has a higher range and a higher top speed.

The Blink S Specifications:


7 Miles


600W (1 Hub Motor)


15 mph

Hill Incline



10 lbs

The Acton Blink S Main Features and its Benefits

1.It is portable

This electric skateboard weighs ten lbs., making it one of the lightest in the market. This is a huge benefit if you are looking to use it for commuting. It can easily be tucked away on the train or bus and it doesn't take up much office space either. Despite its lightweight, the skateboard can accommodate any user who weights below 230lbs.

2.The skateboard has a 14- day money back guarantee

Most people end up owning a cheap electric skateboard because they are denied a chance to test out the electric skateboard before they purchase it fully. However, the case is different with Blink S skateboard. The electric skateboard comes with a 14-day money back guarantee that lets you gauge if Action Blink's skating board meets your skating needs. Return the skateboard for a refund if it does not meet your expectations.

3.Blink S’ functional tail improves your skating experience

This skateboard from Acton features a functional tail that lets you maneuver sharp corners quickly. The functional tail thus helps you to skate easily through crowded environments. These would include useful features if you are a student or you are looking for a skateboard for commuting in crowded streets.

4.The skateboard has a reasonable top speed speed and handles medium hills well

The board is fast enough to be safe in traffic and can handle a moderate hill or 2 (15% incline). 

5.It's made out of quality hardware

The Blink S is built from Canadian maple wood and houses an aluminum frame. These materials are weather resistant and durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear resulting while using the electric skateboard.

6.A 45-minute charge can last you up to 7 miles

In the current market space, 7 miles is by far the greatest performing battery. Although this might be just right for you. Think small errands, trips to class, small commutes. A small battery also means a shorter charging time. 

  • Ran out of juice? Take a small break at a coffee shop and you're ready to go again!

How does the Blink S stack up against the competition?


V2 Dual +


  • 22 mph
  • 7-12 miles range
  • Dual belt driven system
  • 25% incline



Carbon GT (street)


  • 27 mph top speed
  • 31 miles range
  • Dual Belt driven system
  • 25% incline





  • 15 mph top speed
  • 7 miles range
  • single hub motor
  • 15% incline rate





  • 18 mph top speed
  • 14 miles range
  • dual hub mtors
  • 20 %incline rate


As you can see the Blink S doesn't really compete with the big boys. But that also not the intention. You need to make sure that you line up your specific needs for an electric skateboard and purchase one accordingly.  

While the Blink S certainly isn't the most performant nor the cheapest board on the market, it certainly is a solid choice if you're doing shorter rides and need a lightweight board to carry around.  

The Acton Blink S Design

The new Blink s features a unique coffin shaped deck with the iconic venom green wheels. The battery enclosures has two strips of light coming from each side and you get a white headlight and a red tail light to ensure maximum visibility. 

​According to us, the Acton design team did a great job, let us know what you think in the comments!


If you're looking to get into electric skateboarding or need a board for short commutes, the Acton Blink S might be the right choice for you. If you're looking for something that packs a punch and can take you for long pleasure rides this board will sadly not suffice. 

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