Acton Blink S2 Review

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The Mid Class King?Welcome the the ElectricBoarder review of the Acton Blink S2! The Blink S2’s first appearance was during Acton’s 2016 Indiegogo campaign where they managed to rake in 1.425 Million USD. The biggest and most successful e-skate Indiegogo campaign to date.  The reason for their success was because they were offering boards with very decent specs at a lower-than-market price … Read More

Acton Blink S Review

DavidActon Global, Electric Skateboard Review2 Comments

Acton Blink S Review

When Acton came out with their latest Indiegogo campaign in Q4 of 2016 people were excited to say the least. Up until then, electric skateboards were either very expensive and hard to come by or lacked the quality needed to serve as a personal electric vehicle.  There was no real middle road and with the new Acton Blink series that was … Read More