Evolve Carbon Gt Review: The best electric skateboard yet?

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Evolve skateboards have been putting out quality electric skateboards since 2012.
Their Carbon and Bamboo series have many raving fans but it isn’t stopping here for the company. Mid May 2016 Evolve released the Carbon GT into the world. The industry was stunned with the performances Evolve said this board could achieve and some people even had their doubts about it. I mean,climbing hills of over 25% incline with ease, top speed of over 27 mph and a battery range of over 31 miles, that was unprecedented.  Now that the board is being shipped out to consumers all over the world we can only acknowledge that the claims are very much true. Let’s take a closer look at what this beast has to give!

Evolve Carbon GT

Performance 7.8
Design 8.0
Quality 7.7
Value 5.8
Service 8.2


  • Insane top speed
  • The battery is hard to kill
  • Sleek design
  • High quality components


  • Pretty heavy, hard to cary around
  • High price
  • The new addiction you suffer after trying this board

Evolve Carbon GT looks and materials

evolve gt board

If you would have to  compare this board to a car, for me it would be the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.
The sleek stealthy black all carbon look truly makes it an eye catcher. The board is also very thin, it looks razor sharp.

evolve supercarve trucksevolve wheelsThe deck itself is made out of a mixture of carbon fiber and kevlar and is 40 inches long.
The board rides with the Evolve Super Carve trucks which are double jointed and made for the ultimate carving experience.

The street version comes with Black Evolve GT 83mm wheels. The All terrain version sports 7″ AT wheels, which are smaller than the previous wheels on the Bamboo and old Carbon version. They offer an improved ride with less wheel wobble.

This board is also compatible with 3rd party wheels such as the loaded longboard 80mm kegels and Abec 11 flywheels


Overall this must be one of the most sexy electric skateboards out there.


Evolve Carbon GT Specifications & Performance

“Power – performance – versatility” ~ Evolve Skateboards

evolve gt carbon motors

Let’s take a quick look at the comparison between the top electric longboards on the market right now and the specs of the Carbon GT:

Spec Evolve Carbon GT (street) Evolve Carbon GT All terrain Evolve Carbon (street) Boosted Dual+ Mellow
Price (USD)  1,959 $ 1,999 $  1,599 $  1,499 $  1,800 $
Top Speed(mph)  26.7 25  24  22  24.8
Range(miles)  31 18.5  25  7  10.0
Weight (lbs)  17.4 21  18.7  15  12.6


This new board annihilates the other boards on a few different specs including the price, it is not cheap. Most impressively is the range, coming in at a whopping 31 miles, making it possible to extend your electric skateboard journeys in a way never seen before.


The previous carbon series board had one brushless 350W motor. Which had enough power to push a nice top-speed of 24 mph but it took a while to get there. The new board will sport two brushless motors, putting out 3000W from those rear tires. The new top-speed is set at around 27 mph. This increases the acceleration a lot.




Just take a look at the video down below. The Boosted Dual+ and the Evolve Carbon GT take it to each other in a hill climb test. See for yourself who comes out on top.

Evolve Carbon GT Controller

evolve gt controllerIn this video Jeff, the founder of Evolve Skateboards, explains what the next remote will feature and how it will work. As we can see it looks pretty nice, featuring a small lcd screen from which you can read the speed, the current riding-mode, the battery left and the distance traveled.

The new speed modes include:

  1. Slow
  2. Eco
  3. Fast
  4. Gt

The controller also lets you set up your gear and wheel selection options, letting you customize your ride based on how you like to ride it!

A clip of the board tearing up a bmx-track to end this first encounter with this new monster.

Evolve Carbon GT price

All these awesome specs, looks and performance do come at a price. Evolve isn’t known for being the cheapest board manufacturer out there, take a look at the table below.

Evolve Carbon GT (street) Evolve Carbon GT All terrain
Price (USD)  1,959 $ 1,999 $

If you have 2 Grand lying around and looking for a new electric skateboard the GT is your match. But for most of us this just isn’t possible. Our hopes for the future are more reasonable prices so that we can welcome more people to the E-board community.

The Carbon GT is and will be the best for a while to come

We at ElectricBoarder can’t be argued with it, the Carbon GT is the best electric skateboard out on the market right now. Looking at the specs it totally annihilates the other boards. The only downside of this beast is that you will have to have deep pockets… This board will set you back for a little over 2000$, being one of the priciest electric skateboards out there.

But, if you have the cash and want the ultimate riding experience the Evolve GT is the way to go!

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  6. Performance










    This board has so many things going right for it, unfortunately their design team just cannot deliver on everything. The handling of the board is great, the on road/off road conversion is cool and 99% functional (The belt covers that come with the kit for the off road wheels rub on the wheels, causing a lot of friction. I just took them off). The remote is another story. First day i had the board the remote cut out on me (A common issue that many riders have complained about) and i fell at full speed, breaking the remote and screen. After this i contacted Evolve and they told me they couldn’t replace the remote because they were out of stock and when they were back in stock in a month i could order one. So i sat for a full month after spending $2,100 on a longboard, and spent another $100 on a new remote. The new remote worked, but only temporarily. Even the slightest drop of the remote pulls the spring (that holds the brake disengaged) off of its standoff. That causes the issue where you physically have to hold the brake disengaged in order to hit the accelerator (you cant hit both at the same time). Well, after trying to stop dozens of time and spilling hot coffee, falling off the board, and ruining my $3,000 Macbook pro in my backpack due to the brake engagement being too abrupt because of the brake button issue, i have finally decided to hang this board up and just ride my boosted boards. This board would be perfect if the connectivity issues were fixed, and if the standoff that holds the brake spring was larger so it wouldn’t fall off constantly. Hopefully these issues will one day be resolved, then i will think about trying the company again. Until then, i will continue riding my Boosted stealth and XR (combined 900 riding miles). If you want a reliable board, i would suggest doing the same.

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