2nd Generation Boosted Board Review 2017

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After a massively successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 Boosted released the Boosted Board Gen 1. This board had it all. Good speed, good quality, a wooden deck that many longboarders still prefer over a carbon one, and so on.. It was really the board to set electric skateboarding on the map, this also thanks to immensely popular YouTuber Casey Neistat who is a true Boosted Board advocate. With Generation 2 Boosted Boards now being shipped, we at ElectricBoarder.com would love to explain to you what it’s all about.

Boosted Board Dual+

Performance 6.8
Design 7.1
Quality 8.2
Value 7.5
Service 8.8


  • Fast
  • Good torque
  • Good company
  • Nice design
  • Quality materials


  • Low range
  • Potential battery issues
2nd generation Boosted Board

Image from BoostedBoards.com

Boosted Board Gen 2 Battery Problems

On November 2nd 2016 Boosted issued a warning note stating that all Boosted Gen 2 riders should stop riding their boards immediately and should store them away.
Reason for this; two different Boosted board batteries have malfunctioned and basically ‘blew up’ in their housing.

They will also stop shipping out new boards as of November the 2nd.
This news is very bad for the company, with the holidays around the corner the throne for electric skateboard king is for grab…

Boosted Board Generation 2 Specifications + what has changed:

Dual + Dual Single
Range 7-12 miles 7-12 miles 8-14 miles
Speed 22 mph 20 mph 18 mph
Power 2000 Watts 1500 Watts 1000 Watts
Hill Incline 25% 20% 10 %
Weight 14.7-15.5 lbs 14.7-15.5 lbs 13.4-14.4 lbs

boosted board vertical


As we can see from the table above there are three options with the second generation Boosted Board. The naming is kept the same (Dual +, Dual and Single) but the specs haven’t. Although they have not impressively improved the specs (unlike Evolve did with their GT) they have improved on what was already good.
A short summation of the update:

  • Optionally better range (+100$)
  • User replaceable batteries (GREAT feature)
  • Improved water resistance
  • New connectivity options ( Accessory port,  Apple Watch App, Ios  & Android App)
  • Larger Orangotang Kegel wheels
  • Custom Boosted Trucks, optimized for carving and electric skateboarding
  • Improved drive train (= better torque)
  • International certification, which means non-us people can start ordering Boosted Boards!

The swappable battery really is a nice feature, although we believe that the 12 miles maximum range is not enough for a board this expensive.
Take a look at our comparison table to see what range some of the other boards on the market support!

The looks & materials of the Boosted Board

Boosted boards are known for their use of high quality materials. Every component is carefully selected to withstand extreme usage.
The board is just stunning, the attention to detail is just mind blowing.

The deck is made of a mixture of bamboo and fiberglass by the very well known longboard deck produce Loaded.
The bigger wheels make for a better feel with the road, power user Casey Neistat loves the fact that the board is now more NYC proof (Being able to handle better with the rough roads).

Boosted Board Controller

As with almost all the electric skateboards on the market (Z-Board uses weight shifting sensors) the board is controlled using the handheld controller.
Rolling the wheel forward  while pressing the engage button will make you accelerate, rolling it backwards functions as a brake. You can also ride reverse, a sometimes handy feature if you lose control over your longboard.

image by boostedboards.com

image by boostedboards.com

Riders are generally happy about the controller, it feels intuitive and fits good in your hand.

New Connectivity Options

The second generation boards feature a new accessory-port on which you can mount headlights, led-light, cameras etc.. It’s really up to your creativity.

Boosted board 2nd generation Prices

Single Dual Dual+
$999 $1,299 $1,499

You can opt for the extended range package giving you 5 miles extra with the Dual series and 6 miles extra on the Single.
This option will set you back $100.


Boosted was and still is on of the market leaders. They have really put the sport on the map and they will continue to do so.
Some people may blame them for lacking behind with their 2nd generation boards comparing to the new Evolve GT line.

The Boosted board is a solid choice if you want quality material and have enough money!

/current battery failure events are not considered in the review score until more news on this matter has emerged/


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