Koowheel D3X Onyx Review

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We reviewed the koowheel d3x onyx

Welcome to the ElectricBoarder review of the Koowheel D3X Onyx. 

Koowheel is a popular Chinese manufacturer of personal electric transportation devices. They are known for producing products that don't suck and can actually compete with the mainstream western brands.

Well, untill now that is. Because their previous board, the Koowheel D3M V1, had some serious hiccups. Although the specs were quite crazy for a board at that price point, the quality of manufacturing and parts used lead to a lot of users complaining about several problems:

  • Trucks snapping mid-ride
  • Wheels popping of
  • Controller connectivity issues
  • Battery connectivity  issues
  • Motor problems

The list goes on. They released a D3M V2 at the beginning of 2017 which supposedly solved all these issues. Sadly consumer trust was gone. Koowheel had to come out with something brand new. and improved.

Enter the D3X Onyx. A board that didn't change much fundamentally but the new all black look and promises of improvements in quality blew new life into the company. Let's take a look and see if this board really did improve. 

image from www.koowheelelectricskateboard.com

Koowheel Gen 2 3X Onyx

Performance 8.2
Design 7.6
Quality 4.8
Value 7.2
Service 2.8


  • Good Range
  • Decent top speed
  • Replaceable battery
  • Lower price point compared to other boards with the same specs


  • Quality Issues Reported
  • Customer Service is lacking

The Koowheel D3X Onyx made it to this year's best electric skateboard list! Check it out!

Koowheel D3X Onyx Specifications

As always a quick round-up of the main specs on the Koowheel D3X Onyx: 


Dual Brushless 350W Hub Motors

Top Speed

24.8 mph


198 Wh  replaceable battery


18 -20 miles, depending on rider weight


16 lbs

Deck Length

36.2 x 9.4 x 5.1 Inches


97 mm

Motors & speed

The 3DX Onyx uses a double hub motor set up. Each one of these has 350 W of power. The motors are an improved version of the D3M's motors and offer better cooling among others. 

The polyurethane wheels that enclose the hub motors are easily replaceable, Koowheel offers these replacements wheels on their website. 

The Onyx can reach top speeds of 24.8 mph depending on riding conditions and rider weight.  And to be honest that's an amazing top speed for a board in this price range. 

the Koowheel D3X Onyx has a double hub motor setup

image from www.koowheelelectricskateboard.com

the koowheel d3x onyx has an improved battery

image from www.koowheelelectricskateboard.com

Battery & Range 

The Koowheel offers a 198 Wh, 5500mAh battery. Which isn't a small battery, but not the biggest either when looking at the Enertion Raptor 2's one. 

198 Wh means that you cannot take this battery on a commercial airline flight. The limitation for this is set at 100 Wh. 

The Battery on the Koowheel is replaceable, which means that you could effectively double the range if you want to do so. The process of changing batteries is quite easy and straightforward. 

The previous Koowheel versions had some battery connectivity issues. These have all been fixed due to the use of better connectors in the Onyx!

Talking about range, this board will give you 18-20 miles on a single charge. Which makes this board an ideal commute board. If you bring along a replacement battery you could even make a 40 mile round trip! 

Hardware used

The materials used for this board have definitely been improved upon. 

A great new feature is the use of Bone Swiss bearings, which are one of the best longboard bearings on the market. 

The deck consists of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood, making it a very stiff board. It almost has no flex compared to the Boosted Board. 

image from www.koowheelelectricskateboard.com

The new and improved remote offer better connectivity

image from www.koowheelelectricskateboard.com

New remote

Another greatly improved feature is the new remote. Riders really didn't like the old remote. It suffered from connectivity issues as wel.

This new remote has a better feel to it and no connectivity issues. 

Is this board for you? Our Conclusion

This board is for people who don't mind having a work in progress. Koowheel is constantly improving their product on the software front but also on the hardware front. However we can say that the Onyx is not in its infant days anymore, but quality issues still suffer and customer support is lacking.

It's fast board with a superb range to it making it a good choice for commuters on a budget that don't want to settle for lesser specs. 

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